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Lets have a Pint of Science!

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Tonight I’m talking ‘Your gut, brain and bacteria’ as part of a worldwide festival called the Pint of Science. Thousands of scientists will be hitting pubs across 24 countries from May 20-22 to share the fun bits of their research with the world. Look at all the countries who will be having a pint of science tonight!

Countries participating in Pint of Science 2019

To share the love, below are links to all the resources I mention in my talk.

I have no commercial interest in the below and these are not affiliate links


Brain Changer, by Felice Jacka

Hot off the press this year, this very readable book by Professor Felice Jacka, director of the Food & Mood Centre tells you everything you need to know about the science of food and mood - what should you be eating for your mental health, and why.

The Good Gut, by Justin & Erica Sonnenburg

Penned by a Stanford power couple who do research into the microbiome, this book shares the research that underpins the family lifestyle decisions the authors make for themselves.

Gut, by Giulia Enders

A cult classic, this gorgeous book was written by Enders and illustrated by her sister when she was just a fledgling medical student. If you've ever wanted to know what goes on in your body after you eat a meal, then this book is for you.


An up-to-date summary of much of the current research on how the gut microbiome affects your health. Scientifically accurate, totally readable.

The home of the Food & Mood Centre, where I do my research with a star-studded, multidisciplinary team of dietitians, psychologists, psychiatrists, epidemiologists and other gems. We share our current research as well as findings from other studies into how food affects your mood.

Australia’s authority on prebiotic foods and the FODMAP diet, this website will tell you where to find the dietary fibres your bugs love best.

Printable poster of Australia’s current dietary guidelines in picture form.

Studies I refer to directly in the talk

Many of these papers will be behind publisher pay walls. Contact me if you'd like a copy.

  • Slykerman, R., et al., Effect of early probiotic supplementation on childhood cognition, behaviour and mood a randomised, placebo‐controlled trial. Acta Paediatrica, 2018. 107(12): p. 2172-2178.

  • Dickerson, F., et al., Adjunctive probiotic microorganisms to prevent rehospitalization in patients with acute mania: a randomized controlled trial. Bipolar disorders, 2018. 20(7): p. 614-621.

  • Romijn, A.R. and J.J. Rucklidge, Systematic review of evidence to support the theory of psychobiotics. 2015. 73: p. 675-693.

  • Ait‐Belgnaoui, A., et al., Probiotic gut effect prevents the chronic psychological stress‐induced brain activity abnormality in mice. Neurogastroenterology & Motility, 2014. 26(4): p. 510-520.

  • Jacka, F. N., Cherbuin, N., Anstey, K. J., & Butterworth, P. (2015). Does reverse causality explain the relationship between diet and depression?. Journal of Affective Disorders, 175, 248-250.

  • Jacka, F. N., Mykletun, A., Berk, M., Bjelland, I., & Tell, G. S. (2011). The association between habitual diet quality and the common mental disorders in community-dwelling adults: the Hordaland Health study. Psychosomatic medicine, 73(6), 483-490.

  • Ng, Q. X., Peters, C., Ho, C. Y. X., Lim, D. Y., & Yeo, W. S. (2018). A meta-analysis of the use of probiotics to alleviate depressive symptoms. Journal of affective disorders, 228, 13-19.

  • Jacka, Felice N., et al. "A randomised controlled trial of dietary improvement for adults with major depression (the ‘SMILES’trial)." BMC medicine 15.1 (2017): 23.

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