Media and Talks

Expert opinion featured in

Chilis Not So Hot for the Brain After All? (July 30, 2019). Medscape Neurology. Article by Pauline Anderson

Is studying your gut bacteria key to good health or a waste of money? (August 29, 2018). New Scientist. Article by Alice Klein.

Gut Bacteria - The New Frontier of Science. (March, 2018). Readers' Digest. Article by Helen Signy.

Articles written/co-written by me

Recap of Gut Revolution: A Catalyst Special - Part 1: IBS (Melissa's Story). (November 16, 2017). The Food & Mood Centre. Amy Loughman. 

Essays on health: microbes aren’t the enemy, they’re a big part of who we are. (July 4, 2017). The Conversation. Amy Loughman & Tarsh Bates.

Becoming Autonomous. (October 18, 2016). The Research Whisperer. Amy Loughman.


Gut feeling: how your microbiota affects your mood, sleep and stress levels. (October 11, 2016). The Conversation. Paul Bertrand, Amy Loughman, Melinda Jackson.

Academic FOMO? (September 9, 2015). The Thesis Whisperer. Amy Loughman.

Recent Conference, Public and Media Talks

World Congress of Paediatric & Adolescent Gynaeconology 2019. Melbourne, Australia. 20th November - 3rd December, 2019. Invited oral presentation. Congress information here. 

Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) & Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) 2019. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 29th April - 3rd May, 2019. Of bugs and brain: links between microbial and mental health. Invited oral presentation.


Pint of Science Festival 2019. Geelong, Australia. 20th-22nd May, 2019. 

Talking about the 'C' word: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Professional Development Workshop. Melbourne, Australia. 27th June, 2019. Invited oral presentation. 

Peter MacCallum Your Gut Health consumer information forum. Melbourne, Australia. 27th March, 2019. Evidence for mental health and micro biome connection. Invited presentation. (Sold out, watch here from 1:03:00).

International Human Microbiome Congress 2018. Killarney, Ireland. 26-28th June, 2018. Associations between gut microbiota, anxiety symptoms and physical health factors: a community-based study. Poster presentation.  🏆Awarded Early Career Bursary. 

ORYGEN Special Symposium: New approaches to depression: From basic mechanisms to novel treatments. University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. 11th December, 2017. Grubby baby, happy toddler?  Oral presentation.  🏆Awarded Best Lightening Presentation. Watch here.

NeuroGastro 2017. University College Cork, Cork, Ireland. 26th August, 2017. Infant faecal microbiome diversity and behavioural outcomes at age two. Oral presentation.  🏆Awarded Best Microbiota Abstract Submission. Follow the Twitter conversation here.

The Extraodinary Link Between the Gut and the Brain Public Seminar. Melbourne Neuroscience Insitute, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. 3rd August, 2017. Invited panel. Watch here.


Emerging Issues in Science and Society, 2017. Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. 7th July, 2017. Microbe-Human Entanglements: Science and Speculation. Invited presentation. Follow the Twitter conversation here. Listen to myself and Tarsh Bates' session here.

ABC Radio Brisbane - Afternoons. 6th July, 2017. Interview on gut-brain interactions. Invited interview. Listen here.

Falk Foundation Symposium 207: Gut Microbiome. Brisbane, Australia. 20th May, 2017. Gut microbiota composition and behaviour problems in early childhood. Oral presentation. Follow the Twitter conversation from this conference here.

Grampians Mental Health Conference, 2017: Resilience Through the Lifespan. Ballarat VIC, Australia. 21st March, 2017. The gut-brain axis: A biological source of resilience or vulnerability. Invited presentation.


2016 Theo Murphy Frontiers of Science: Exploring the role of microorganisms in ecosystem processes and health. Adelaide, Australia. 29th November, 2016. Follow the Twitter conversation from this conference here.


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