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May 29, 2017

Recently I presented at the Falk Foundation’s 207th symposium, ‘Gut Microbiome and Mucosal or Systemic Dysfunction: Mechanisms, Clinical Manifestations and Interventions’. It was in Brisbane, and was a stimulating start to a warm weekend getaway (from Melbourne’s impending wintery weather). 

The research I was presenting in a talk and the poster on this page was about the relationship between gut bacteria...

March 12, 2017

On a recent trip to visit my sister in Hobart, Tasmania, I met up with Ronald, of the Hobart-based fermenting outfit, Southern Wild. I quizzed him on how someone comes to love fermenting so much that they start a business doing it, and his tips for getting started with ferments at home.

It’s clear from the beginning of our chat that Ronald’s work is a labour of love. In Hobart, Southern Wild is known for...

January 5, 2017

A few weeks ago, I attended a microbiome conference as part of the Frontiers of Science, an initiative of the Australian Academy of Science. It was chock-full of the brightest early and mid-career scientists working on understanding the relevance of the microbiome for health and the natural environment.

The microbiome was chosen as the topic of this year’s conference because of the increasing awareness of...

December 4, 2016

Last week I attended an incredibly inspiring meeting of Australian early and mid-career researchers working in the microbiome field, an initiative of the Australian Academy of Sciences. Many of the studies presented (like those described below) were very much in development, so had little or no data available. However this field is moving quickly, and we will see results in the coming months and years.


November 13, 2016

You might have heard about fermented foods. But there are so many crazy food fads going around these days — lemon juice detox, anyone? So how do you know this isn’t another one. Here are 10 reasons why fermented foods are not just hype.

1. Fermented foods have been around traditional cultures for aeons — they’re not a passing fad. Koreans have had kimchi, Japanese have had miso, Eastern European cultures...

October 24, 2016

Who wins in the contest between our neanderthal stress-response system and the demands and joys of our modern lives? Spoiler alert — neither. It’s a zero sum game.

Stress is one of the biggest psychological triggers of physiological changes in the body. It is a key intersection of mind, body and microbiome — the perfect example of the interconnectedness of it all. It worries me a little, stresses me out e...

October 8, 2016

This week I attended a 5-hour workshop on the microbiome with about 40 other clinicians, researchers and thought-leaders. Expertise ranged from diet, Crohn’s disease, IBS, sleep, chronic fatigue and even water quality (this field is broad!). I’ve listed 5 of the key ideas that I’ll be taking away from this meeting.

An important caveat to everything written below is that the science is still at a stage whe...

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